Back from summer!!!

Back from summer and time to really start putting some effort into this blogging and Threaded Dream venture.  I’m going to post something happening every week to keep me on track with projects and such🙂

As for what I have been doing, this summer I participated in Camp Loopy a summer knitting contest put on by The Loopy Ewe.  There was different project every month to be completed each with its own theme.  For the second project, I got the inspiration to design a piece for Melisandre another character from A Song of Ice and Fire world.  The pattern is now available on Ravelry🙂

Laceweight Cersei is 20 rows from being finished, granted a row takes about an hour but I do feel that I’m on the downhill slide.  Several other characters have been talking to me and it’s simply a matter of taking the time to get the patterns all down and knitted, it feels slow but I know that it will get there. 




She’s done!

So glad to have Cersei finished and off the needles!  Doing the fingerweight version in Lambspun prism helped my to meet my self imposed deadline.  I’m still working on the laceweight version in Ling from The Unique Sheep but needed more yarn to finish the size that I want.

Until then I will be going camping….to Camp Loopy that is :)  The Loopy Ewe runs challenges every summer and I’ve decided to join in.  I can’t believe that I haven’t found them til they came to Fort Fun!  The first challenge is to knit a project using 400+ yards of yarn and a pattern from a foreign designer.  I will be casting on later for Finland with Perlata Pitsigootti-huivi in Madeline tosh merino light.  I’m sure size 6 needles are going to be quite the change from 0’s!!



Cersei update

As many of my friends know I am a huge fan of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.  I’ve decided to take that infatuation one step farther and write some knitting patterns inspired by the characters in the books.  So far on Ravelry I have published Arya.  I have many more characters talking to me about their pieces, but for the last few months, Cersei Lannister has held the spotlight.  Her pattern is a shaped like a Danish tie shawl and is lace and cables combined together, not a a knit for the faint of heart.  Laura at  The Unique Sheep did an awesome job with my custom color request and Hear Me Roar was born.  I have been knitting and beading like mad in an effort to finish and publish in time for the season finale of the HBO series, alas I believe that I’m going to run out of the wonderful red before the end and have ordered more yarn.  Thankfully my creative cohort Dave persuaded me to do a test of the pattern in another yarn as well and that one I will be able to finish in time to have a photo with the finished pattern!  So, I will continue to work on my Lambspun prism version and patiently await Laura’s dyeing magic with Hear Me Roar and the order that I placed for a group of insistant ladies from Dorne😉