What a pretty cover!

Good morning!  Early last week I already had ramblings of what I wanted to talk about this week floating in my head, however that all fluttered away when I saw the cover of PieceWork May/June issue Wednesday morning………piecework cover

Oh Wow!!  Those are mine!  I was overwhelmed and shocked as this was my first submission for the prized lace issue.  Considering how the rest of life was when I was creating these I was deeply moved.  Size 0’s and a fine cotton silk blend are not the easiest of materials to work with when you are out of your usual elements.  Jeane, the lovely editor let me push the deadline on these to the absolute limit and I spent one whole weekend marathon knitting to finish.  I’m glad their offices are just down the street and I could hand deliver them.  This is my second cover for the PieceWork the first being the Sept/Oct 2015 edition.piecework sept oct 2015

Point being with all of this….Go for it!  If you have an idea and you think it will work send it in.  The only way things like this happen is if you put yourself out there.  Could it get sent back?  Maybe, I’ve had submissions not get accepted and at first it’s a bummer but there are many factors that go into the selection process and what won’t work for one just might for another.  I do know that seeing my ideas travel the globe make the risk worth it.  Here’s the link for PieceWork’s Editorial Calendar…..It is a history magazine along with the projects and they cover all kinds of crafts from knitting to crochet and beyond.  My brain is already trying to come up with some tatting for them even though I only started a couple of years ago.  Find a good story or family history and go from there, you never know what might happen!



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3 responses to “What a pretty cover!

  1. Very beautiful. I am making these gloves for my daughter. She choose a dusty pink. Instead of nupps which are not my favorite thing in the world to make especially with a size 0 needle, I am putting in beads. My big concern is will I have enough yarn. You say you had 1 skein 1760 yds. Did you have a lot left. I have 2 skeins of Swan Island lace 530yds each. Do you think that will be enough. Thank you for a great pattern. Sophia Schumacher.
    303 841 0473 Parker, Co.

  2. Your post is very inspiring. And what a lovely design!

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