Other hobbies, a pattern release and a renewed space

Back on December 17th after the catch/no catch game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots I had thought that today I would be hosting a Patriots fan for the rematch game.  Well the Jacksonville Jaguars changed that last week and I don’t quite know who to cheer for in the AFC championship game today.  One thing I love beyond craft is sports.  The Pats fan and I have been duking it out for AFC supremacy for the last 12 years and as a Red Sox fan I’m very glad he follows the Mets and not the Yankees!!

As for current projects I am knitting away on my next PieceWork project that is due to Interweave in a few short weeks.  I stopped in to Barnes and Noble to pick up a current issue and as always took a photo.

IMG_3453As I was doing so a woman behind me commented saying that they were beautiful and that they would take a very long time to make…..I don’t think that my responses of thank you and they took a month registered with her that I was the designer 😉

The studio is feeling more and more like a proper workspace.  This last week I moved in the looms and supplies.

IMG_3461I would still like to get an ott lite lamp to go in the space and have decided to find a small bean bag chair or cushion to go on the floor and don’t worry it can easily be converted back to a guest room when Daddy visits.  By the window you can see my sign!  It was commissioned for my birthday five years ago from a woodworker that used the natural colors of different types on wood to create the design.  I love it and am very pleased that it has a home.

This morning I hope the snowfall finds you snuggled in comfy clothes and drinking something warm.  We’ll still watch the football games today even though I’m not invested in the outcome, take care of homework and work on craft 🙂


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